Thursday, May 05, 2011

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

So here, in no particular order (unless I state otherwise), are teachers that have made an impact on my life in the classroom.

The two Mrs. Smiths : J. Smith for once playing the piano for me and telling me I could sing. S. Smith for remembering me years later and comforting me after my little league team got the snot beat out of us in the city tourney. And both for being great teachers besides.

Mr. Keller, for not giving me a detention when I came sprinting into his English class microseconds after the bell rang, because I told the truth. I believe I told him I was late because I was goofing off.

Mr. Butikas, for not pitching a fit when I dropped his Trig class to take creative writing. Creative writing was great, but in hindsight sir I should have stayed in your class. And for not calling me out for falling asleep in his class during Halloween time when some friends and I were working at the DACC haunted house all night.

Jim Conder, for endless rides to and from Jazz Band practice and for calling me up and telling me I had talent when I wanted to quit band in the sixth grade because I was sick of carrying that damn horn to school. To this day, I enjoy few things more than picking up my sax and playing with a group or in church.

Jon Dugle, for pushing us to play crap we had no idea would could play, and for making sure we did it with excellence. And the bad jokes, some of which I still tell to this day.

John Sanders, for opening my eyes.

Jim Beebe, for instilling in me a love of theater and public speaking, and continuing to be my good friend.

Mrs. Alexander, for giving an “F” on one portion of the final and an “A” on the other, and thereby letting me know that my shit did stink, in some respects.

Marion Blackburn, for telling me that my shit did indeed stink. Seems to be a recurring theme. If it helps, I’ve learned that lesson.

Ms. Millis, for reasons I won’t discuss here. Smile

And, finally, every school librarian that took me under their wing and steered me towards books that would broaden my horizons and challenge my thinking, thereby teaching me as much or more than I was learning in class.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Great Blog

Don’t know how this blog hid from me for so long, but Michael Pietroforte does a great job over on his 4sysops blog. You should add it to your RSS feed post haste.

I stumbled across his post on free e-books for admins, which he pledges to keep up to date. Great stuff!


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