Friday, November 01, 2013


Driving down to Evansville today, I watched the moonrise. It was a fragile little thumbnail moon, leading the path for the sun to come up behind it. When it was about 1/4 way up in the east, the sun started to follow. Within minutes the moon was gone, outshone by the sun that it reflected. And I wanted to use that as an analogy about life in something, about how the moon is always there but without the sun we'd never see it, while at the same time when it's too close to the sun in the sky it's invisible.
I wanted to say something about relationships, because that's been on my mind lately. About how we have to be willing to be the moon sometimes. But it occurred to me that while I greatly enjoy being the sun occasionally, I am mostly the moon. Always present, gravitational forces subtly affecting the earth, basking in and reflecting the glow of my sun, blazing a trail for it across the night sky.

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