Monday, March 26, 2007

MMS : Day One

Here in scenic San Diego for MMS. First day was long, but worthwhile.
The walk from the hotel to the event is not too bad, a bit less than a mile. The hotel, while costing $249 a night, sticks you for another $10 per day for internet access. This is ridiculous. You're the official hotel for an event where thousands of geeks are getting together, and you want to hose us another $10 for internet? That nearly every other hotel gives away for nada? Give me a break.
PdaNet works like a champ, and that's what I'll use for the duration.
And while I'm on my soapbox, you don't put out food and drinks at the convention center and then force about 70 fat IT guys to stay away for 15 minutes until you "open". There was nearly a stampede. And the food was not worth the wait. C'mon, Micro$oft. The group attending this event spends hundreds of millions on your products, and everyone that didn't get a voucher is about $5000 out of pocket for travel, hotel, and conference. Just keep the food / beverage tables stocked and open. I ended up wolfing down a mediocre turkey sandwich and Diet Coke to get to my next session in time.
So far the sessions have been very worthwhile, the best of the day being 'DeMystifying SQL" about creating custom queries / reports in SMS / SCCM. Very well done.
The Expo Center opened this evening and the crowd press was insane. The food was good and well spread-out, but you couldn't move. Popular booths were hard to get into, and the MyITForum booth was the worst. It was five deep for most of the night. I'll be getting more time with vendors later in the week. Tonight was about the food and the swag, and I got plenty of both.
More tomorrow : first keynote and community seminar.
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