Friday, April 27, 2007

Roger Ebert

Thank God for Roger Ebert.
Ebert has been undergoing treatment for cancer of the salivary gland. His cancer spread, resulting in the removal of half of his jawbone. This left him with a trache tube and unable to talk.
So he went to his Overlooked Film Festival anyway. Let the gawkers and the cameras and the idiots be damned.
Too often we shy away from the sick and the "abnormal". I'll never forget my wife swelling to nearly 400 pounds as a result of steriods taken during full brain radiation for her brain cancer treatment. Bald and undaunted, and braver than I, she still refused to be left behind and went to class reunions, summer picnics, and public dinners. I wanted to scream at the starers, or make a sign that said "She's got Brain Cancer ASSHOLE!", but didn't.
Roger is an example for us all, both in his courage and his indifference.
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