Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SMS 2003 and Wake on Lan

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One of the things we've missed after moving from Zen to SMS 2003 is Wake on Lan. For those of you not in the tech world, this gives us the ability to remotely turn on a computer using it's network connection. It's endlessly handy for patching and other things that might take a while, or just need to be done after hours.

I was flabbergasted to learn that SMS 2003 did not have Wake on Lan built in. The next version, System Center Configuration Manager, does have it. We've had WOL in Zen for years and years.

There are companies that offer WOL capabilities as an add-on to SMS. But another client on the workstation and another expense are just out of the question.

So I found, over at the great MyITForum site, some contextual add-ons for SMS that were free, and one of the was Wake-On-Lan. Hooray!

Alas, the wake-on-lan only worked on it's own subnet. Not good enough for me.

I found a free WOL utility from SolarWinds that purported to be able to WOL across subnets. I tried it out and it worked like a champ. But could it be scripted, in the same way that the contextual add-ons scripted the other utility?

A quick reg check and I found the portion where the other utility enumerates it's command line to link into the magicpacket program. A simple edit of that reg key yeilded a working result. Here's the exported .reg for the edited key:


"Description"="Use the SolarWinds WOL to wake up the client."

"CommandLine"="cmd /C \"c:\\Program Files\\SolarWinds\\Free Tools\\WakeOnLAN.exe\" -IP ##SUB:IPAddresses## -MAC ##SUB:MACAddresses##"

"CriteriaMessage"="Unable to find ##SUB:MACAddresses##"

"Name"="WakeUp""CriteriaQuery"="select * from SMS_R_SYSTEM where ResourceID = ##SUB:ResourceID##"

So with the SolarWinds Wakeonlan.exe installed in the default location, I get Wake On Lan capability across subnets from the SMS console for free.

Up next: figuring out how to Wake a collection.

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