Saturday, May 12, 2007

Google Reader

The joys of RSS are many and varied. I've gone through about four different reader between my desktop and laptop and workstation at home. I tried the reader in Outlook, the reader in Thunderbird, and on. I finally settled on the reader in Firefox. Between the built-in reader and bookmarks synch, it kept my feeds updates on every machine I used. I was in heaven. I could read during lunch, then later that night the posts I had read would be marked read when I looked on my home pc.
Then the company outlawed Firefox, for security reasons. Which is kind of like saying you want to... well, I don't have a metaphor at the moment, but Iwasn't happy. The real reason Firefox was banned is because it lags in Enterprise configurability and we couldn't monitor it.
But google is still allowed, and google has a feed reader. So with much regret I turn to the Google Feed Reader.
And never looked back.
To start with it allowed me to import all of my feeds without fuss, and allowed me to arrange them in groups so that I could easily discern my "Tech" feeds from my "writing" feeds. For the record : around 30 writing blogs and 32 Tech blogs and 5 "Political and Other" blogs.
Then Google introduced the personalized homepage, finally catching up with the rest of the world (Yahoo, CNN, etc). So now when I go to I see my latest 8 or so messages and most recently updates blog feeds, along with the latest news. And it's updated whever I sit down to use the internet.
I am again in heaven.
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