Friday, May 11, 2007


There are damn few fine novelists writiing today, and few finer than Larry McMurtry. I can pick up nearly any of his Western novels and get lost in moments. I can open Lonesome Dove to literally any page and be at one of my "favorite" passages.

He is the King of dialogue attribution. You'll find nary a 'snarled', or 'grunted', or 'cried' in a McMurtry novel. We know how the characters are speaking because McMurtry shows us, he doesn't need to tell us.

So I just finished Zeke and Ned. The courtroom gun battle alone is worth the price of admission. In this case, the price of admission was zero since I Bookmooched it.

Colorful characters are the hallmark of McMurtry, and Zeke and Ned does not disappoint. Pasasages are laugh - out - loud funny.
A also recently finished his Barrybender novels, which are a rollicking riot from start to finish. All highly recommended.
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