Friday, July 06, 2007


So we came back last night from lighting fireworks (legally, thank you, across the state line) and the kids are asleep and I find myslef with (gasp!) a few free minutes.

Dirty Jobs was a re-run. The History channel was the second place I looked.

On the history channel they're talking about prophesy, and end times, and the ancient Myan calendar (are there modern Myans?). And I'm all into it, until they tell me the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012. At first my only thought was "Cool. I'm buying a big-ass Lincoln on December 1st."

You see, the Earth's magnetic poles are going to shift on or around that date. So are the Sun's. Some folks think that the surface of the planet will actually shift (called "pole-shift) on top of the core of magma and Alaska will end up at the equator, putting us somehwere in South America.

To which I said "Yeah, right".

Then they started correlating the 2012 date with the bible, and Nostradamus, and other ancient prophesiers. There are blogs about it, a Wikipidia entry about it. It must be true! Some scientists insist it happened before.

Let's see now. In 2012 I'll be 47. My daughter will be 8. The twins will be 10. I'll have been married almost 20 years.

Having just survived the global holocaust of the year 2000, I can face the next one with some amount of bravery. I'm not afraid to die, even though I'm not real convinced there's anywhere special to go when you do.

All I can say is when it starts, make it quick please. I'm a wimp.

Then I turned back over to Dirty Jobs and there Mike Rowe making a snake regurgitate, so I figure the world can't be ready to end just yet.

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