Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sullivan's Steakhouse

If you've read previous posts and looked at my avatar to the right, it should come as no suprise that I like food. Good food.
But I'm not a connisour, like my fellow central-midwestern blogger. I just like to try new things, new places. Fortunantly my travels with the company have enabled me to do that.
Last week I had what may have been the best meal of my life at Sullivans Steak House in Naperville. We went to celebrate the completion of a complex and time-consuming data center move, and about 11 of us sat down at 8:45pm.
I started with the spinach salad, which was yummy. Just the right texture and dressing, not too much bacon to throw off the taste. Then the Cajun Ribeye. Normally when I order something Cajun I expect it to be a little too hot, but this was nearly perfect: a strong hint of Cajun spice and flavor without the heat. The steak was cooked perfectly. I wanted badly to lick the plate when I was done with it. I ate it slowly, cutting it into small bites to make it last, and man it was great.
We ordered sides of au-gratin potatoes and asparagus for the table, and those were excellent. The asparagus particularly was cooked just right and still had a bit of snap to it, not the usual overdone wilty fare.
Then dessert and I ordered the creme boulet. I would expect a little hockey-puck sized serving, but what I got was slightly bigger than a pot pie and it too was marvelous.
If you're a drinker (I'm not) they have about a bazillion wines to choose from, and the wine racks are behind glass and visible from the dining room. The service was excellent.
My dinner was around $50, not bad considering the quality of food, service, and the resturaunt. I'll most certainly go again... expecially if the company is buying.
I think we lucked out walking in with a group and being almost immediately seated. The night was winding down for the resturaunt. If I go again I will call and make reservations, as the place was otherwise packed.
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